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<span>Local</span> Activities

Local Activities


Algodonales is a year round blue skies destination, with stable weather patterns and a very warm welcome. As a winter destination between September and April, when the weather in the UK is somewhat rather non-flyable a lot of the time paraglider pilots can often be seen in the sky above Algodonales.

If you stay with us and you are a paragliding pilot or you would like a flight as a tandem paraglider passenger you may have the privilege of flying with one of the most expert fliers of all. Paragliding with the awesome Griffon Vultures over Algodonales. The most talented of pilots can often be seen riding thermals up to cloudbase in the company of these magnificent birds.

The local mountain is Lijar, which is roughly 1000 metres high and it takes around 15 minutes to fly top to bottom. However it is a great thermal site and has very good XC potential. There are two main take off areas, one on the southern face and the other on the westerly face, they are large, smooth and gentle. In June of 2001 World Air Games which were held here.

In Algodonales there are paragliding centres which will be able to put you in touch with if would like to visit for the paragliding.

Bicycle Riding

Why Andalucia?

For starters the weather in Andalucia is warmer, earlier in the year, than other popular winter cycling resorts such as Majorca and less windy than Lanzarote. Many of our guests have said the road surfaces in Andalucia are simply the best. If you are looking for cycle routes that vary from beautiful rolling hills to dynamic mountainous rides, with enough climbs to push your envelope and even put a smile on the faces of the toughest of mountain goats, then Andalucia is the place to be.

The stunning Via Verde de la Sierra is also a short car ride away. A disused railway line following the course of the Guadalete river, the green ways path passes through tunnels, bridges and nature reserves. It begins in the town of Olvera, commencing after 36km in Puerto Serrano, and we can help organise bicycle hire.

Why Andalucia? That’s Why!

Setenil de las Bodegas
Only a few minutes drive from us

Zahara lake

The relatively new reservoir has made the area even more popular with visitors, who now have the option of water sports and swimming, sports which didn’t exist 10 years ago in this area. Nearby is an area to park the car and walk by the reservoir. You can hire Kayaks to go out on the lake or enjoy a nice meal in the restaurant. All located 5 minutes drive from us.

Horse Riding

We can arrange for you all types of riding packages with local schools in Spanish or English. Trekking for the family in the beautiful andalucian countryside.

We use two main riding centres both of which use experienced guides and have horses to suit all standards. We can recommend a particular one depending on the type of trek you want and your standard of riding. Julie has been riding with all the stables and will offer advice to any questions you have.

Local horse riding with Sandra

Horse riding with Dirk

Bird Watching

Andalucía has the annually migration from Africa of many species of birds of prey. To see them the best places are the more hilly parts of the province where they circle high in the sky. Often paragliders and hang-gliders can be seen flying in harmony with these magnificent raptors. There are also several companies in the area that operate tandem paragliding flights giving non-flyers the opportunity to fly with these birds of prey.

One of Spain’s rarest birds the black vulture can be found in the Sierra Morena region north of Sevilla. This colony could be the largest in Europe, of which most can be found in the
Paraje Natural Sierra Pelada y Rivera del Aserrador, which is south of Aroche in Huelva province.

Equally rare is the magnificent Spanish imperial eagle. As with the black vulture they are mainly located in one place, with the Spanish imperial eagle this area is located within the Parque Nacional de Doñana.

There are other species of large birds of prey which can be found in mountainous regions.

  • The Golden Eagle
  • Egyptian Vultures
  • Griffon vultures

Smaller birds of prey to be spotted in lowland woods and forests

  • Kestrels
  • Buzzard Harriers
  • Red Kites
  • Other Delights

The large white stork. In the western region of Andalucia, the northerly Extremadura it is a common sight.This is their nesting season from spring to summer, building their nest on electricity pylons as well as the trees and towers.
The Golden Oriole is perhaps the most colourful of Andalucia’s bird population. They are seen in orchards and woodlands throughout the summer. The male oriole has a dazzling bright yellow body.


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